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Plastic Welder | Plastic Welding

Posted on Sunday, March 6, 2011 by HussainGardezi

Plastic Welding is a famous work in the society, where the plastic pieces are weld through the Welding Plastics.
Plastic Welding's one kind is Hot Gas Welding, this welding mostly used for the Acrylic and PVC pipes to weld, the heat gun of its called as Hot Air Welder, which is also famous.

Freehand Welding; in this king of welder time, the welder gun visit the tip of welder rod and the welder area at the same time which makes it good this welding system is lower then others.

Speed Tip Welder; its good for the plastic weld rod and the wattage of welder parts within the public to have this system which is good for the welding, this melt the welding process early and goes throw it.

there have more Welder Parts knowledge in this article, we will later talk about other welding things like Extrusion Welding, Contact Welding, Hot Plate Welding, High FreQuency Welding, Injection Welding, Ultrasonic Weldin which are famous in the world and other sort of weldings are also noteable such as friction welding, spin welding and the last one which is more famous in welder tradition is Laser Welding.

two extra welders, Solvent Welding, Welding Rod.

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