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Lincoln TIG Precision

Posted on Sunday, December 26, 2010 by HussainGardezi

Precision TIG ® 225 gives you "the dynamism of performance, the overall complete distortion of facts, the car / engine, vocational schools or obligation giving due. Micro - Technology StartTM II ensures the accuracy of the arc and the reform of the original welding, assembly craters. Short patented automatic adjustment - BalanceTM and Her son - in the amount of the incorrect sign for the preparation of Precision TIG 225 easy target for reading.

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Weather training approaches is the effectiveness of aid, arms wide scope efficiency of their positions of influence long-term storage case Precision TIG 225 extreme value. Measure Includes: Precision TIG 225, to stimulate the part of the storage cells, stimulate the hanger, 10 cm against leakage of matching, detachable lifting his eyes, 9-meter building entrance Strip, NEMA 6 - 50p Plug, NEMA 6 - Michal 50R, TIG procedure conductor, GTAW (TIG) leadership, and their parents - 17 onions to know - PIG stimulating Inspire (December 5 cm, 1 -. portion) used to lie to give the gas is low, because Amptrol ® (K870). Delivered fully assembled. Protective gas separately.

Specifications Precision Tig 225 Welder Lincoln Electric

,5-230 amps is the wide range of welding repair class.
,Unrecompensed! Built-in - TIG generator helps power control heat use tie.
,Digital Counter, and simple, multi - profit management.
,Standard NEMA 6-50 hand on the meter 9 (2 7 m) Port tank chain tension.
,Three - Age of Lincoln warranty on parts and labor.

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