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Selecting Welding Process

Posted on Thursday, December 23, 2010 by HussainGardezi

You know what you need to do welding. This is the easy part. But we must begin by examining your request .. All work and needs of individual and private. Therefore, if you really confused the best idea is to ask the experts for welding in person.

However, it can help you choose this article welding process in four easy steps:

Seal welding is analyzed in terms of their needs.

Designed the common needs of the operational capabilities available. Are selected and one or more of the processes for further examination.

Uses a list of variables to determine the ability of the selection process (s) to meet your demand.

(And finally, 4, the process or processes that are considered the most effective and searched with the consent of the representative of the manufacturer of the equipment to examine the appropriateness of and more information

Step 1 - in the analysis of common needs.

The first thing to consider is whether your troops are the common large or small, and if the husband is out of position or not, and if the base metal, thin or thick.

In welding, and is expressed on the needs of each participant in four words: fast filling (deposition rate), and freeze fast (the seal is out of position - pregnancy or vertical), Fast Track (arc high-speed and seams very small) and penetration (depth of the weld penetrates base metal)

Fast fill is necessary when you need a large amount of molten metal to fill the joint. Can be fixed in the arch of the heavy grain of the minimum of time with the high rate of sedimentation. However, fast-fill is a minor consideration when welding is weak.

Quick-freeze involves the joint is out of the situation, and thus requires rapid hardening of the molten pit. Can not use both semi-automatic process to freeze fast joints.

Quick follow-up suggests that the molten metal follows the arc of travel at the speed of giving continuous and beads on good form, without "jumps" or islands. This feature is particularly desirable for a single pass welds in countries with relatively low, such as those used to join sheet metal.
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Penetration varies with the subscriber. With few joints, and should be a deep penetration to provide adequate mixing of metals, welding, base with others should be limited to prevent burnthrough or cracking.

And any joint can be classified according to four factors mentioned above. To determine the appropriate welding process, and maintain your efforts focus on the requirements of welding. City, which requires, or can be welded through the process of welding arc and one is rare. In fact, the majority of seals are generally
Through a combination of these requirements to varying degrees. Once you've determined your needs on the occasion of a joint and classified, and assessment reviewed the experienced engineer or welding. With time and experience, and you'll be able to make these assessments more accurate and less difficult.

Step 2 - matched with the needs of joint operations

And documents of the manufacturer of your equipment in the year to provide information on the ability of the various processes to meet the needs of the community. (Or, a phone call or e-mail, and provide the necessary information.) Weak response is almost impossible at this stage, where the rate of sedimentation rate and characteristics of the arc of each process can be clearly defined. Since you have shared your are welding, it is simply a matter of choosing the process that fit your qualifications. To see machinery and supplies with different properties Click here to see a group of Lincoln Electric.

So what do you do when you find that adapt two or more of the processes, which is sometimes the case? You can create a list!

Step 3 - Reference

Other than the city itself considerations affect the selection decisions. Many of them specific to your business or a welding shop. However, they can be of great importance - and a key factor in the eradication of other processes. The organization of these factors in the checklist and one study after another:

Production volume. Must justify the costs of welding equipment in the volume of work, or productivity, and necessity. Or, if the workload of the application is not large enough, can be found on another application to help offset costs.

Specifications for welding. Rule out the process if it does not provide the properties of welding defined by the law governing the work.

Skills of the operator. And skills can be developed quickly with the operators rather than on the other hand. We will train your operators in a new process? This adds cost!

Auxiliary equipment. Each process has a power source recommended and other auxiliary equipment. If the process uses existing equipment, assistants, can be an initial cost of the development of this process is greatly reduced.

Accessory equipment. Availability and cost of equipment necessary accessories - breaker, deslagging tools, and put down and collect the flow of equipment and exhaust systems, and so on - should be taken into account.

Terms of metals. Must be considered rust, oil, and common development of the welding of steel, and other conditions. Such factors limit the usefulness of a particular process.

Arc of vision. Is there a problem in the wake of the edges irregular? Then prefer opening parenthesis. On the other hand, if there is any difficulty in the correct position for welding, and there is a "fun factor" the benefits that accrue to the submerged arc process, not a face shield are required and reduce the arc temperature.

Requirements Fixturing. Change to the process requires some semi-automatic fixturing productivity if they want to achieve. Evaluate the equipment necessary to determine if it can be adapted to the process.

Production bottlenecks. If the process reduces the manufacturing cost per unit, but creates a bottleneck in the production, it's worth. Highly sophisticated equipment requires frequent maintenance from skilled technicians can slow down your actual production and thus reducing its value.

Should include a list of all known factors affecting the profitability of the operation. May be some specific use or a welding shop for welding. Other elements can include the following:

Protection requirements
The size of a group of born
Flexible application
Along the seam line
Setup time requirements
Costs of initial equipment
Hygiene requirements

Rate of recognition of these elements and realistic details of the application, as well as process and equipment.

Should not prejudice the rights of intervention in the selection process, and if you lose objectivity - when all things being equal, the standard should be the total cost.

Step 4 - Consideration of the request by the representative of the manufacturer.

This may seem redundant, but should use his talents of experts. Thus, the adaptation of reference for use by the user of the individual case. You know the best for your application and your expert knows the best equipment for welding. Together, we must be able to confirm or modify the list. To connect to the electric welding experts here to Lincoln.

Systematic systematic approach.

A system is worthless if not used. Create a chart and follow the steps to deal with the design. Of taking the time to analyze each new joint welding, and your business become more productive and welding experience would be more fulfilling.

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