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Welding and Farming Projects

Posted on Thursday, December 23, 2010 by HussainGardezi

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Welding and agriculture? They have more in common than you think. Indeed, a farmer recently advised that "you can not run a farm seamless." The farmer was quite correct - to maintain equipment in good working condition to the critical seasons of planting and harvesting, welding and coating of the season-cons are a must. Good knowledge of these processes is also very handy when your equipment breaks down after hours, and you need a quick solution, so you can continue.

In this article we will introduce some key concepts in welding and coating. When we talk about welding, we talk to weld metal parts together to build something. Welding primarily on the strength of purpose. Surfacing on the other hand, is the deposition (by welding with special welding electrodes), wear-resistant coating on the metal of the existing components, which are under stress, prolong their lifespan. Surfacing is often done for metal edges, scrape or crush other hard materials, such as the edge of the grader.

FarmingWe welding and discuss various applications, how to identify metals, welding procedures and basic security. Too often in the beginning or novice welder will not achieve the desired results and to consider him or welding electrodes are not working properly. In many of these cases, however, the farmer does not have the necessary preparation before welding or chosen a process of incorrect settings or consumables. In this article we hope to inform you so you'll know what to use in several applications and achieve better results. Understand that even if a little knowledge of welding can help you a lot, there is much to become a true expert in welding, covering a large number of books!

Welding Applications

Welding and FarmingFarmers constant need of repair and machinery and equipment to modify according to their specific needs. This moment is the ability to change the steel doors, falls, pens, and mechanism of great value as for farmers. Repair broken plow or combine in a field through the weld, where he broke in a few minutes can literally save the entire harvest. Requirements of beef cattle can generally be supported with mild steel. Dairy cows, and almost all its milk processing systems require stainless steel. There are two similar animals with very different needs welding. But as welding require to succeed.

Surfacing Applications

There are many different elements that can benefit from reloading the farm. They can in principle be put into three "wear" category - abrasion, shock, and metal on metal. Abrasion is one of the most common is that you see on a farm in this category throughout the country to attract tractor tools such as buckets, blades, teeth products, grain handling and food mixers . Under the influence of the article, you will find the equipment used in the book and the din of hammers such as crusher. Metal-metal refers to the wear of steel parts rolling or sliding against each other. metal-metal wear occurs on items such as wheels of the crane, pulleys, wheels for gear-drive track and trees.

Although farmers use welding techniques and welding to restore old, worn, Lincoln recommends welding and many new components. By superimposing something new, it can increase the overall life of the product.

Basic metals

Before welding or Hardface, you must first determine the base metal. Follow the rule: on the farm that has not mild steel. Almost all the guns of high-strength steels (either high or low alloy) and carbon steels much higher. But how do you tell the difference? There are several tests that can help.

Welding and magnetic FarmingThe first test. If a magnet will stick to the realization, it is likely, based on iron. A magnet does not stick to the points, without doubt, manganese and steel products. Second, try to test the spark. If you take a grinder to the point, you get 30 "long, moderately large amount of yellow sparks a few sprigs and / or mild steel sheet says, or you reach 25" long, low to moderate orange yellow color with some candles intermittent breaks but few or no branches indicate the alloy, or you will have 15 "long, short, red sparks in a large volume with many branches, and repeating that obvious signs of high-carbon metal? A Another test, test bits indicate the type of metal, and so. If the metal fracture into large pieces when you take a chisel to it, it means that you cast, which can be very difficult to weld when using special electrodes of high nickel content and heat treatment. On the other hand, if a bit gives the corkscrew Chip, you look at the welded steel.

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What is the purpose?

Now that you have identified the basic materials needed to evaluate your ultimate goal. In settings such as farms, need to understand the opportunity to strengthen or prevent deterioration of the question? If the article in question the helm of the unit on a tractor, the ultimate goal is the strength and ductility, so it will not break. Weld it! If you mean the tool land attraction, you do not want him to wear. Hardface IT!

Determine which method to use

There are three types of welding processes to consider. They differ in speed and cost. All methods are available for all products of welding and surfacing. However, some products often have properties that are somewhat unique and not quite double when using different process.

Stick Welding

Manual or stick welding requires less equipment and ensures maximum flexibility for welding in remote areas and in all positions. Typically, each welding rod allows for about a minute. In seconds, you can change the mild steel welding. Within seconds, the electrode can vary from small to large diameter for soldering small or large. Although simple, this type of welding is the largest operator skills.


This type of welding wire feed is used and continuously fed electrodes. Burner is a manual operator. The gun holds the wire for as long as the shutter button is pressed. It is also much easier to learn than stick welding. This type of installation is increasingly popular on farms that do more than the minimum repair. semi-automatic welding increases the deposition rate on the manual welding, because it is not necessary to stop recording after each bar.


Pay the highest number of initial installation, automatic welding equipment has high deposition rate for maximum productivity. Torches carried by mechanized transport and welder simply presses the "Start" button. It is rare to find on a farm, but most often in the service center for heavy equipment that would restore your parts to you if the schedule was mutually acceptable.

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There are five basic steps in the welding that must be followed. Welding and Agriculture

Good preparation - you must ensure that the weld metal you are clean and dry. Remove rust, dirt, grease, oil and other contaminants with a wire brush. If you do not remove these contaminants can cause porosity, cracking and poor quality of the weld deposit. You must also remove a cracked, deformed, or hardening of the surfaces by grinding, processing, or carbon arc gouging.

Good warm - a combination of alloy content, carbon content, the massive size of the rigidity and creates the need for pre-heating for welding or more welding operations. Most applications require heating, at least, to make the parts at room temperature using 70ƒ-100ƒ F. high carbon and low alloy steels may require more heat to prevent cracking cord, weld cracks or some stress failure. Preheating can be done either with a torch, a furnace or electric heating devices. pencils special melting point can help you check whether the heat. Too much heat and you can often ruin alloys!

adequate penetration - correct welding technology - determine the correct intensity, speed of travel, weld size, polarity, etc. Make sure that the finished weld meets your expectations in terms of size and appearance. The welds must be smooth and shape, without cons undercut or porosity. If possible, watch a video showing the type of welding do you do that you know what things are supposed to look like.

Proper Cool Down - The glow is the most effective way to slow the cooling rate of massive or contain parts that are inherently susceptible fissures. Insulating immediately after welding with dry sand, lime, or blanket fiberglass also minimizes the cooling of residual stresses of weld cracks and distortion. Do not quench the weld with ice or water because this would lead to greater internal stresses and possible cracking of welds.

Post weld heat treatment - Some items may require vacation or treatment. What this means is that you warm up your item after welding torch and let cool slowly.


There are some rules you must follow, as you are welding and surface:
Welding and Agriculture

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Protect yourself against smoke and gas - welding area must be open and well ventilated area and keep the head of a pair - especially with other

Wear protective clothing - Protect your eyes and face with a welding helmet for arc welding, not only points of gas welding. Similarly, to protect your body against weld spatter and the arc with wool or cotton, fireproof apron and gloves and boots. Also, be sure to protect others around you rays of the arc as well.

Beware of electric shock - Do not touch electrical parts and make sure that the welding equipment is grounded. Never weld unless you are wet or if your gloves are punctured.

Fire and explosion - Never weld in an enclosed space or near hay, bags of food, gasoline, diesel fuel, hydraulic oil or anything else that could be within reach of your welding sparks, which can cause a fire or explosion. Never weld alone. Always have a buddy nearby in case of emergency.


After reading this article, you should be able to take advantage of the weld in much the same way you have to reap the fruits of the earth at the farm.

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