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Lincoln TIG Welder Manual | Reviews | For Sale

Posted on Sunday, December 26, 2010 by HussainGardezi

Lincoln Tig welder Reviews | Lincoln Tig Welder Prices | Lincoln Tig Welder Manual | Lincoln Tig Welder For Sale.

Electrodes covered teams pulse TIG welding Invertec ® V160-T-and T-Pulse has been designed and manufactured using the latest technology digital revolution allows these machines combine robust industrial construction with excellent arc performance. All tasks DC TIG inverter with excellent arc control.

Your gas valve is included in a choice of high frequency or TIG scratches Primer makes them ideal for a variety of DC TIG applications. DC TIG welder Lincoln Invertec coated electrodes can weld a variety of popular Lincoln coated electrodes. Portable and reliable design which makes them ideal for use in the studio and on the ground.

A unique feature of Lincoln DC Pulse TIG welder Invertec V160-T is a high frequency AC pulse arc that allows the operator to adjust the focus of the spectrum depending on the application. This will reduce the heat causes more controlled weld with less distortion increase speed.

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